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Personal Training

Fitness Coaching
Monica Encourages to Push Harder


Fitness coaching sessions are offered in two different ways:

  • 1:1, Private Coaching 

  • Small Group Coaching 


You won't need to bring anything but yourself and your positive attitude, in order to shift to the life you have always wanted! Monica's coaching is designed for all levels and goals, from beginning fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes alike.

Learn Monica's Triangle Of Life Philosophy -
the balancing of your mental, spiritual and
physical well-being.

Access body weight resistance exercises, as well as core, cardio and flexibility training. 

Find your unique program, with sessions tailored to your goals, needs, and level.

Train with confidence, in a community focused on personal accountability and collective growth. 

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I became a personal trainer in 1999, and have since trained thousands of clients, from all walks of life. I created my Transformation Journey Program almost 3 years ago, which is built upon my "Triangle of Life" philosophy. Using this idea, I teach you the importance of giving equal weight to your mental, spiritual and physical wellness.


After serving as Director of Wellness for multiple companies, designing fitness programs for individuals and corporations, training athletes and empowering all ages to understand their inner and outer strength, I'm excited to serve as your Personal Fitness Coach.


With my programs, you will have access to private and group training sessions, and will be invited to join your own life coaching community, hosted via zoom. These life coaching classes are often co-hosted by those I most admire in the industry; personal friends and peers of mine who walk the walk and talk the talk. 


I love how all the girls in this program are so supportive and we all get along so well.  There is no cattiness which is such a blessing.  We all come from different walks of life and there is no judgement from anyone.  We all have our ups and downs and everyone is there to support us.

Monica is so supportive of everyone and so giving of her time.  It is so wonderful to have a coach/trainer who cares so much.


The Transformation Group means the world to me. Monica and this group has made me step out of my box and comfort zone. Also to believe in myself and trusting myself. Monica has taught me the right way to workout. I like the workouts that she gives us on the other days that we don’t workout together. I know it is time consuming. I look forward to working out.



From the start, I knew Monica was the perfect trainer for me. She guides me in doing exercises correctly, pushes me, and is super motivating. She reminds all of us in our training session to stay in our own lane. We are all at different levels but very supportive of one another.


When I started  working out, I was using 5 pound weights and now I am using 10-15 pound weights for upper body work. One day I picked up 35 pound weights to do an exercise (suitcase carry). I feel so strong and love to workout with weights. And, I don't mind the soreness.


As an added bonus, we meet every Thursday to talk about mental and spirituality. I didn't even know I needed this until I attended the first session. Mental, spirituality and exercise is the complete package.  I feel very empowered and thankful that Monica is in my life.





Life by Seacret has an inside-out nutrition solution that supports you in being healthy and looking and feeling your best.  Monica and her husband are happy to be a part of this company that provides ultimate health and nutrition products. Seacret's philosophy and protocols are recognized for their optimum, plant-based, organic nutrition and include a unique molecular hydrogen product that produces impressive results!

Want to know the "Seacret" to
looking, feeling, and living your best life?

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