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Life coaching sessions can be booked in combination with fitness coaching classes, or they can be booked separately. You also have the option to book private or semi-private classes!​

For over 25 years, Monica has helped individuals identify the mental, spiritual and physical triggers that hold them back from achieving their ultimate goals. This experience led to the creation of her Transformation Journey Program, designed to realign each of these three components. Her life coaching sessions are deeply focused on conquering and resetting your mindset, using tools such as journaling, visualization and breathing techniques, to aid in reducing stress.  

Access monthly life coaching sessions via Zoom.

Receive two, thirty-minute coaching calls per week, for a total of eight calls per month.

Enjoy flexible scheduling for in-person sessions.

Discover a supportive community, focused on  personal and collaborative growth.

Monica In-Person Life Coaching

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The Simple Life Package

The Awakening Package

  • TWO – 30 Minute Virtual Appointment with Monica 1 on 1 each week! ( 8 Total a Month )

  • SIX – “Q&A” Emails Per Month

$1,000 per month

  • ONE – 30 Minute Virtual Appointment with Monica 1 on 1 each week! ( 4 Total a Month )

  • FOUR – “Q&A” Emails Per Month

$500 per month


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